We are an independent publishing house working with both fiction and non-fiction, romance, boating, children and young adults, and also Christian works. (Please read ALL our guidelines carefully before querying.) We believe in upliftment and beauty for the eye, soul and spirit, and we believe in good books. We are a "traditional publisher" in all senses, for most of our imprints (all except ScriptCraft). We do not ask you for money to publish your work, nor do we charge reading, editing or other fees on books we accept for publishing. If we like your book enough to want to publish it (and to believe in its market potential and in your own intentions to promote and market the book and yourself), we take on the financial expenditure and risk of the publication. We take the manuscript through the usual preparation processes (ISBN, editing, proofreading, layout, etc), working with you to achieve the highest standard possible. We design your cover, or go over yours if you already have one (we reserve the right of final approval on all covers). We then undertake printing of your books, either in print runs or by order-on-demand depending on the circumstances. There are a great many costs involved in producing a book, all of which we take on. We are however still a small independent company, with limited budgetrs and resources - so we do not pay advances, nor do we undertake expenses for launches, competitions, etc. We believe that while we are going to be spending a lot of time and effort getting your book into shape for publication, you must do your bit too.  We invest well over £1500 in bringing your book to print, often over £2000. We will only invest in authors who are willing to get themselves out there doing signings and Any general marketing we do, such as newsletter or online announcements, will include your book, too. If we do attend or take a stand at a book fair or other festivals, of course your book will go with us as appropriate. We'll also let you know of opportunities for publicising that we know of, and will help you every way we can, sharing knowledge and resources. While we believe that the author has a right to a larger percentage of the profits than most traditional publishers offer, we expect reasonable efforts from you, the author, regarding marketing and publicising your book. While we totally understand that not all writers are keen on this side of things, the reality is that it's necessary. You are who you are. But we are in the business of selling books, and we certainly hope you are, too. :-) When we first agree we'd like to take on your book, we'll send you a sample of the contract so you can see exactly what you'll be signing. If things don't work out between us you will get back ALL of your rights (except any we have already made a deal for) as soon as we have made back the money we have spent on you and your work. This can either be through book sales, or rights sales, or if you really hate us you can pay us what's outstanding. Fair enough? We ask only for fair dealing in return. Sunpenny Books, Rose & Crown Books, BlueJeans Books, Boathooks Books, Sunberry Books, ChristLight Books, EPTA, and our new imprint ScriptCraft, for authors or publishers who need a little help - www.scriptcraft.es  Please note: this website is written in British English. Copyright 2019 Sunpenny Limited. Created by ScriptCraft.