Welcome to Sunpenny Publishing!

Great news: Sunpenny is once more taking on books for traditional publishing – and we are opening up to and actively seeking manuscripts on disabilities (overcoming/living with) and more memoirs, biographies, and auto-biographies! Although we have published memoirs in the past, this is an exciting new focus for us and we look forward to receiving strong stories with great hooks, lines, and sinkers! A memoir should read like a novel. Thrill us! ALL of our imprints are once again open to submissions.

Our standards will be very high, for both the books and the authors, but we do love a really good book and an author who is ready to get themselves out there to promote it.


We have found the name for our new imprint – ENGRAM BOOKS, which refers to the neurons in the brain that create memories! Thank you to everyone who submitted suggestions; unfortunately, when we googled each one, we found they were all already in use by other publishers, so in the end we came up with this one ourselves. This imprint will include all our memoirs, biographies and auto-biographies, including disability books. Thanks again, everyone!

Our current imprints demonstrate that we love boating (Boathooks Books), romance Rose & Crown, and BlueJeans), Christian books – fiction and non-fiction (ChristLight), children’s to young adults (Sunberry), and general literary books (Sunpenny imprint). We are now creating a new imprint specifically for memoirs (the disability books would fit here, usually). Other general non-fiction would come under our EPTA imprint. Please look through our Submission guidelines in the menu above for more details, and if you think we are a good fit, do contact us. Thank you!