How we work

In the past, we contracted our authors differently depending on our agreement with them at the time, and that’s what we prefer to do. However, our go-to preference now, having learned from each type of agreement, is roughly based on the first type we started with in 2008. In it, the royalties are worked on a system of attempting to get back our investment in our authors quickly to begin with (80% to us, 20% to the author – of profit) until such time we have made back what we have spent (you will receive an assessment of this when we release your book, so you can follow along), and then the author receives 100% of profits, minus a small administration fee charged every 6 months when we create the reports and make payments, and to pay a small charge towards our marketing via Nielsen and Booksonix specifically for their book(s). We also create graphics of your book, and bookshots, in various sizes for you to use.

Like most publishing houses, we do not do actual marketing for you. We add your book to our web site, and a page for you as the author, and we make announcements on our social media. But we do expect you to commit yourselves to doing everything possible yourselves, such as creating at least 3 social media accounts, eg Facebook page and others (Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Goodreads…), contacting libraries and bookstores in your area to ask for reading/book signing events, contacting radio, TV, podcasts etc to be interviewed. We do supply you with a PDF with marketing suggestions, to help you along. IF YOU TRULY CANNOT DO the social media pages we can help you or do it for you, at a charge for our time. We can also create marketing handouts like bookmarks, rack cards, posters about signings, etc. We will help in any way we can; however, we will have spent in the region of at least £1200 (for smaller books) to anything around £2500 (for very large or intricate books), so we do have a clause in our contract stipulating this, in hopes that you will do your bit to sell the book.

I will be updating our author agreement soon and will put a copy up on this page when done, so you have a rough idea of what it looks like. It is based on recommendations from Michael Hauge, and other writing contracts, and our aim is to benefit both parties. Some of it will even be negotiable. 🙂