Our Imprints


Through the years we have created imprints according to the books we have loved and taken on. Those imprints remain, as we build our traditional publishing once more, and as stated on our home page, we are now including memoirs, biographies and autobiographies. If you have any questions, please do ask.

Our new imprint – ENGRAM BOOKS!

Our brand new imprint to focus on memoirs, auto-biographies, and biographies – including books about the challenges of disabilities. Having become disabled myself in the last several years, now working from a wheelchair, I am especially interested in books that will be uplifting for the disabled community; that will reach out to others and let them know they are not alone, that others have gone through similar issues; how to deal with those issues; where to find help – and similar. I am writing one myself!

Sunpenny Books

Essentially, this was our first imprint, and covers the more literary books that don’t fit into our other categories. All of Julie McGowan’s books are under this imprint; The Mountains Between, Just One More Summer, Don’t Pass Me By, Close To You, and Hayfever. It encompasses Eugene Barter’s wonderful book about her time running an auberge in the Pyrenees, Blackbirds Baked in a Pie; my own book, Dance of Eagles, and Jenny Piper’s Moving on and Someday, Maybe, as well as our Christmas gift book, Sudoku for Christmas. Previous books (rights returned to their authors) included Fish Soup by Michelle Heatley; A Little Book of Pleasures by William Wood, and Janet Purcell’s The Long Way Home and Rooster Street.

Boathooks Books

Ah, we do love boats! This imprint published A Whisper on the Mediterranean by Tonia Parronchi, Far Out: Sailing into a disappearing world by Corinna Weyreter, and Watery Ways by Val Poore. Val’s other boating book, The Skipper’s Child, was published under our children’s imprint, Sunberry Books.

Rose & Crown Books

We were the first publishers in the UK to start publishing Christian/Inspirational Romance as a genre. Later, others followed, significantly Mills & Boon, but we were proud to be the first. Our previous books included three competition entries: Embracing Change by Debbie Roome; Blue Freedom by Sandra Peut, and A Flight Delayed by KC Lemmer. They were followed by Bridge to Nowhere and Bridge Beyond Betrayal by Stephanie Parker McKeen; Broken Shells by Debbie Roome; Redemption on Red River by Cheryl R. Cain; and Unchartered Waters by Sarah DuBose.

Sunberry Books (Children and YA)

Sunberry was set up for children’s books, and for YA (Young Adults). This imprint published Sophie’s Quest and Sophie Topfeather, Superstar! by Sonja Anderson; The Lost Crown of Apollo by Suzanne Cordatos; The Skipper’s Child by Val Poore; and If Horses Were Wishes and Trouble Rides a Fast Horse by Elizabeth Sellers.

Blue Jeans Books

Romance genre, non-Christian based. This was one of our later imprints, and includes Breaking the Circle by Althea Barr; we had to wind down shortly after. However, this too is open for submissions once again!

ChristLight Books

ChristLight Books does what it says on the tin – we publish Christian books, fiction and non-fiction! Our most prolific author is Dag Heward-Mills; so far we have released for him our own new editions of Church Planting, Daughter You Can Make It!, He That Hath…, Loyalty and Disloyalty, Many Are Called, How You Can Be in the Perfect Will of God, and Those Who Accuse You. We also had the privilege of publishing My Sea is Wide plus the beautifully illustrated version, too, by Rowland Evans. Christine Moore’s novel, Going Astray, livened us up with its pretty scary tale of a church becoming a cult!

EPTA Books

EPTA was set up for non-fiction books and coffee-table beauties; so far we have not used this imprint. Waiting for the right book!