A few opinions from some of our authors

The quotes below are from some of the authors from the traditionally published imprints of the Sunpenny Publishing Group (ie they did not have to pay for us to publish their books). Thank you to all authors who contributed the following reviews:

“The whole editing process for each of my books has been thorough and of an excellent standard. Collaborating with the team on all aspects of cover design and layout means that I have ended up with books that are not only absolutely right but also that I can feel very proud of. I have received positive comments about the appearance and quality of my books when doing book signings at WH Smith and at Waterstones.” – Julie McGowan, The Mountains Between; Just One More Summer; Don’t Pass Me By; Close To You, all traditionally published by the Sunpenny Books imprint of Sunpenny Publishing.

“Jo Holloway and the staff at Sunpenny Publishing are so easy to work with. I entered the edit process for my novel The Long Way Home with trepidation, but quickly relaxed when I found (1) they were open to discussion all the way through the process, and (2) I could quickly see where their experienced eye improved the manuscript significantly. Choosing a cover design for The Long Way Home was an enjoyable process. I am also a visual artist and working together with Jo, we quickly agreed on the use of one of my paintings for the cover. After trying a few fonts and colors and not quite agreeing at first, we then happily settled on the one that was suggested to me – and I’ve had buyers comment on how the cover caught their eye. I feel I have found a home with Sunpenny Publishing. There’s a cohesive family feeling among the authors. We’ve developed online friendships, and that family feel extends also to how the staff is right there for us all.” – Janet Purcell, The Long Way Home, and Rooster Street, both traditionally published by the Sunpenny Books imprint of Sunpenny Publishing.

“I had proofread my sailing memoir A Whisper on the Mediterranean many times and thought I had spotted all the errors. Once the editing team at Sunpenny started working with me I was amazed at how many banal mistakes I had missed and how many repetitions I had not been aware of. The end result was a much better and sharper manuscript.” – Tonia Parronchi, A Whisper on the Mediterranean, traditionally published by the Boathooks Books imprint of Sunpenny Publishing.

Local high school dropouts cut in half – chainsaw massacre all over again! Although I didn’t write this line, something just as crazy might have appeared in Uncharted Waters without a good edit. Everyone needs someone to proof his/her work. I was never rushed to complete a chapter revision, nor did the editor speed through the book process. The cover for Uncharted Waters matched the mood of the story and fit in nicely with other novels in the line.” – Sara DuBose, Uncharted Waters, traditionally published by the Rose & Crown Books imprint of Sunpenny Publishing.

“I’m used to having my writing commented upon by various parties and therefore feel qualified to say that the editing is thorough and very helpful. I would trust Jo Holloway to do a good job and be genuinely interested in helping the author to get the best they can out of it rather than a sort of ‘take-the-money-and-run’ approach that one hears of with help towards self-publishing.” – Christine Moore, Going Astray, traditionally published by the ChristLight Books imprint of Sunpenny Publishing.